Top 50 Free Web Directories for Building Backlinks

Top 50 Free Web Directories for Building Backlinks

After launching this website and submitting it to be indexed by Google and Bing, the first thing I decided to do was submit a link to Free Website to as many free website directories as possible in an effort to gain more backlinks. This required that I carry out a search for the best website directories that would serve my purpose.

I started with a Google search and quickly found out that most “Top 20” or “Best Directories” lists contained either outdated information, had many broken links or were directing users to directories where they had to pay to submit a link. I discovered that it takes a lot of time and effort to find websites where one could submit a link for free; therefore, I decided to compile a list of my findings to save others the time and hassle involved in finding free website directories.

Additionally, after going through the tedious work of submitting a link to this website to each of these directories I did notice that ever single website directory will promote “Featured Listings” or “Fast Approval Services” in which you have to pay for. I did not do any of these paid up-sale features and stuck only with the free options. The free submissions take on average 2-4 months to be reviewed and added to a directory, so that is why I recommend doing this immediately after your website has launched.

Below is a list of 50 (I actually updated it to contain 60) Free Directories all with a domain authority of at least 35. According to Moz, domain authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. The higher the number, the more authoritative your website is considered to be.

Before you get started I’d highly recommend taking a few minutes to write out the following information and save it to a document somewhere. Almost all website directories ask for the same information, so this will allow you to easily copy and paste into the appropriate fields saving you a lot of time especially as the number of web directories you submit a link to continues to grow.

  • Title of website
  • Description of website (keep to under 500 words)
  • Meta Description (keep to under 250 words)
  • Meta Keywords, comma delimited
  • The best category that describes the website being submitted

Additional Note: While copy and pasting the description makes it easy, I’d suggest tweaking it slightly in every instance so that not identical across every Web Directory.

Directory NameDirectory URLDomain Authority
Boing Boingboingboing.net92
Scrub The Webscrubtheweb.com76
Active Search Resultsactivesearchresults.com75
R-TT Web Directorydirectory.r-tt.com66
Sonic Runsonicrun.com64
Free Website Directoryfreewebsitedirectory.com59
Submission Web Directorysubmissionwebdirectory.com59
Free PR Web Directoryfreeprwebdirectory.com58
High Ranking Directoryhighrankdirectory.com58
Pegasus Directorypegasusdirectory.com58
USA Listing Directoryusalistingdirectory.com58
1Abc Directory1abc.org57
Marketing Internet Directorymarketinginternetdirectory.com56
Site Promotion Directorysitepromotiondirectory.com56
Montreal Web Directorygmawebdirectory.com53
PromoteBusiness Directorypromotebusinessdirectory.com52
Direct My Linkdirectmylink.com51
Link Centre®linkcentre.com51
Sites Web Directorysiteswebdirectory.com51
ABC Directoryabc-directory.com50
A List Directoryalistdirectory.com48
Elite Sites Directoryelitesitesdirectory.com48
The Free Directory
Add Businessaddbusiness.net47
A List Sitesalistsites.com45
Free Directory Submitfreedirectorysubmit.com44
Gain Webgainweb.org44
Suggest URLsuggest-url.net44
Free Directory Websitesfreedirectorywebsites.com41
Online Societyonlinesociety.org40
Snergy Web Directorysynergy-directory.com36
W3 Catalogw3catalog.com36
10 Directory10directory.com35

Note: I used a free tool called Domain Authority Checker to get these scores listed above.