Discover the Most Dynamic Web Design and SEO Tricks

Discover the Most Dynamic Web Design and SEO Tricks

Discover the Most Dynamic Web Design and SEO Tricks

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The web is a community of abundant evolution and advancement in all different outlets. Having a great web design can ensure a well-represented company image on the web as well as great user satisfaction. The internet has millions of different websites listed, thus, making a website stand out from all the rest can lead to great success. Read below and discover the most dynamic web design and SEO tricks.

The Most Dynamic Web Design and SEO Tricks

For a web design to stand out on the web, it needs to have a great visual exterior design as well as high search engine visibility. Having this great combo can ensure instant business success online. A website that is better designed will ultimately turn heads and increase on page stay time which results positively in SEO. Discovery the the most dynamic web design and SEO tricks below and apply them to your current website.

One Page Design. The one-page web design is known for its amazing full one-page showcase. This top to bottom layout has a long scrolling feature which is very user-friendly. By including all the significant web pages in one page, it makes it very easy for a person to quickly grasp the meaning of the website. With its great verticle layout design, the one-page web design is also known for its dynamic designs!

What is the number one most used effect with the one-page web design?

Parallax. The parallax scrolling effect is most commonly created with javascript or Jquery. This is a great effect which uses the one-page long scrolling feature to its full ability. There are many different kinds parallax effects that can be coded. Different transitions upon scrolling are known to make a website more interesting and advanced.

Google Analytics. It is not an unknown fact that Google holds the top position as the best search engine in the world. In regards to this, signing up for google analytics would be a very intellectual thing to do. Google analytics is a brilliant free tool that is easy to install and has great accuracy. Find out if your SEO is working is by tracking the exact source where your visitors are coming from inside the Google analytics user dashboard.

What are the 3 best features that Google Analytics has to Offer?

  1. Adwords Integration – If you are starting an AdWords campaign, google has a great option that allows your AdWords account to fully connect with Google Analytics. This way, you can easily track all clicks on Google Analytics.
  2. Visitor Location – Google offers a great feature that shows the exact location of all web visitors.
  3. Best Performing Web Pages – Google gathers all web pages of a website and identifies which is the best performing page and worst performing page. This information can give any website owner or an SEO expert a great hint as to where a website needs to be most improved.

Daily Social Media. Becoming active on social media can guarantee a large following online. Social media is now a major SEO factor. A regular website visitor will always search a website social media following to see how popular they are on the top websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Having a social media following can increase website hits as well as company credibility on the online.

Quick tip: Always post different curiosities on social media to keep your audience interested.

Video backgrounds. A video background has the ability to draw in the first time web visitor. The most common video backgrounds often include beautiful nature scenery or an office in work mode. A video has the ability to bring an emotion and feeling inside of a website. Web sites that have backgrounds are known to have a higher visitor on page stay time.

What are the 2 aspects of a Video Background that affect SEO?

  1. Weight – If a video is too heavy, it will increase a website’s load time and this will result in a lower SEO score. A quick way to dynamically reduce a video’s weight is to lower its quality and cut its length.
  2. Cross Browser Compatibility – A video must be tested if it works correctly in all browsers, otherwise, it will not be SEO friendly.

Web Animations. Tell a digitalized interactive web story! Engaging web animations are becoming even more popular in web design. UI and UX animations will spark up the curiosity of a first-time web visitor. There is no doubt that this kind of design advancement will always impress a new web visitor.

Website Blogging. The number one SEO factor is content! A website that produces authentic and quality content will always rank better in search engines. Blogging has become the best way for a website to increase ranks on the web. The more blogs a website has, the more link indexes it will have on the web, and the more shares in social media. Thus, it is known to instantly cause great website exposure.

Mobile Design and Optimization. Mobile friendly web design is now a huge standard on the web. A website has another duty and that is to satisfy the billions of mobile web visitors around the world. Google recommends mobile web design and has made it into an SEO factor. All websites now must be optimized for desktops and most importantly, mobile devices.

What are the top 3 dynamic ways to instantly make a website mobile friendly?

  1. Viewport Tag – This tag will inform all mobile devices that a website layout should not go by its default desktop settings, but convert for mobile devices.
  2. Huge Font – You may have noticed font sizes growing on the web. The average web font size has been purposely increased to make a web page more readable for mobile devices.
  3. Responsive Design – A responsive design is no longer a web design preference, but now a standard. All websites should now convert to a response layout to satisfy the mobile users.

A well-built website design and clean search engine optimization can have remarkable effects online. Although it may contain dedicated work, a website should always do its best to prove its uniqueness and increase its popularity on the net. Follow the 7 ways above to dynamically improve your web design and SEO rankings.