Your Ultimate Guide to Anchor Text: The Many Types

Your Ultimate Guide to Anchor Text: The Many Types

Your Ultimate Guide to Anchor Text: The Many Types

Written by: Ajay Paghdal

Do you remember the days when pushing a website to the top of the search engines was relatively simple?

Ten years ago, all you had to do is churn out content and build as many links as possible (preferably using exact match anchor text).

Then 2012 (and the Penguin update) rolled around. This is when Google crashed down hard on unnatural link building and spammy anchor text techniques.

With this in mind, it’s only natural to have some reservations as you build links with the idea of boosting your search engine rankings. Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about. Once you learn more about the many types of anchor text, you’ll never again wonder what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

Now, let’s examine the 13 different types of anchor text curated from this resource:

1. Title Tag

This is simple to understand: the anchor matches the title tag or blog post title.

So, if the title of your blog post is “Tips for Buying a Used Car,” the anchor text would be exactly the same.

2. Exact Keyword

There is nothing special about this anchor text. It’s when you use the exact keyword that you’re trying to rank your page for.

So, if you’re trying to rank for “red shoes,” you would use red shoes as your anchor text.

3. Natural

This means that you don’t use any keywords in your anchor, but instead make it read as natural as possible.

An example of this would be:

  • Our website
  • This blog post
  • Here
  • Visit this page

4. Naked URL

This is when you use nothing more than the URL as the anchor text. Rather than a keyword, the anchor would be something like “”

5. Keyword Plus Another Word

This is when you use the exact keyword you want to rank for, along with at least one other word.

Sticking with the “red shoes” example, this type of anchor text could be something like “our store sells red shoes online.”

The nice thing about this type of anchor text is how easily it fits into most types of content.

For maximum impact, alter the keyword that you use.

6. Part of the Keyword

This means that you use one part of your keyword phrase, but not the entire thing.

If your primary keyword is “cheap virtual reality goggles” you could use an anchor text of “virtual reality goggles.”

Just the same as #5 above, don’t hesitate to alter the parts of the keyword phrase that you use.

7. Branded

This is the actual name of your company or brand. So, if the name of your company is Acme Corporation, a brand anchor text would be “Acme Corporation.”

8. Brand Plus Keyword

In addition to branded anchors, you can add a keyword.

Sticking with the example in #7, you could use an anchor of “affordable widgets from Acme Corporation.”

9. Plus Other Text

Along the same lines of a naked URL, you can use the URL of your website in cooperation with other text.

A good example of this would be “in a blog posted published on”

10. No Text

This isn’t something that you need to focus too much of your time on, but it’s a good idea to sprinkle these anchors in every now and again.

The best way to get a no text anchor is through the use of images. Another strategy is to simply exclude it in the content, thus leaving the link tag empty.

11. Full Homepage URL

Do you remember above when we discussed using as the anchor text? This is similar, with the primary difference being that you will use the full homepage URL.

It should look something like this:

12. Without the http or www

Forget about using the http or www. This type of anchor text looks like this:

This is one of the most naturally appearing anchors, so it’s good to use it often.

13. Random

Don’t try to do anything special with this type of anchor. Instead, opt for something completely random. It should still make sense, it just doesn’t fit into one of the categories detailed above.


With this guide powering your link building efforts, you can be confident in every decision you make. Add this to a variety of high powered tools, such as Linkio, and you’ll have everything you need to hit the ground running on your quest to reach the top of the search engine rankings.